Transfer Aids
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Transfer Aids

  • Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step

    Ideal for use at the side of the bath or shower cubicle to reduce the height of the step in. Can also be used in conjunc…


  • Secure Fit Sling

    The Secure Fit Sling is another of our range of exclusive slings developed in conjunction with Occupational Therapists. …


  • Am Fab Over Riser Table

    The Over Chair Table is designed to work with most standard lift chairs and recliners. It works as a convenient height-a…


  • Deluxe Sling

    Deluxe slings are probably the easiest fully supportive slings to apply. They form a comfortable "chair-shaped" seat for…


    Deluxe Sling
    Deluxe Sling
  • Stand Assist Sling

    Sling suitable for use with the Reliant 350 Stand Assist hoist.Sling to convert Stand Assist to enable seat transfers. S…


  • Oxford Full Back Sling

    The Oxford® Full Back Sling is a range of high quality slings designed for durability and strength. Comfortable contour…


  • Oxford Deluxe Standing Sling

    The Oxford Deluxe Standing Sling is ideal for clients who have a greater degree of weight bearing ability. The sling all…


  • Omni Tray

    The Omni-Tray is a sofa-side handle and TV tray that makes it easy to stand from your favorite sofa or chair. It comes w…


    Omni Tray
    Omni Tray
  • Stander PT Bed Cane

    The PT BedCane makes it easy to sit up, and get in-and-out of bed. It s great for those who have back pain, recovering f…


  • Able 2 EZ Stand N Go

    If you or a loved one has trouble standing from a sofa, chair, or recliner, the EZ Stand & Go from Stander can help you …


  • Transfer Stand Assist Sling

    Transfer Stand Assist Sling suitable for use with the Reliant 350 Stand Assist hoist. Safe Working Load 158Kg (25st) …


  • Access Padded Sling

    Designed specifically to facilitate toileting by allowing the removal of clothing, It is not a general purpose sling and…